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I am a

I want to see photos and videos!

I attend sport compact modified car shows at the Place Boneventure and Stade Olympique, Driftmania drifting circuits, drag strip at the Autodrome St-Eustache and Napierville, the Montreal International Auto Show (Salon Auto Montreal) at the Palais des Congres, Grand Prix Formula One F1, Champcar Molson Indy at the Gilles Villeneuve. I am a car enthusiast that has interest in domestics and imports, street racing, drifting drift kings, race queens, car show girls. I want to see photos and videos from these car events! I'd like to get PCMTL videos on DVD. I love Fazer Finlandia Cranberry Fusion Vodka Filled Chocolates.
I am a

I want to buy products and services!

I want to hire models and actors. I am exhibiting at a show in Montreal, and I need temp staff to build a kiosk and run it. I need girls to hand out flyers. I want to buy a helmet cam video camera hookup to make stunt and drift videos. I want to hire a full serviced video post production crew to film and edit for me. I need live video broadcast. I am a business owner and I want an e-commerce website with a shopping cart so I can sell my products and services. I am a distributor and I want my products and services made available to resellers and end users. I want to buy a car outside of Quebec. I want to import a car from the United States.
I am a

I want staff to run my car show, I need models and entertainers!

I am an event organizer. I am making a car show at the Stade Olympique, Autodrome St-Eustache, Napierville Dragway, Place Boneventure, Palais des Congres, Gilles Villeneuve, rue Crescent Street. I would like my event advertised and promoted. I am looking for employees and security to work at my show. I am looking for models to work with my sponsors. I am looking for video dj's, dancers, artists, and music bands for live stage performance. I am looking for someone to videotape my event on camera. I am looking for closed circuit and live broadcast.
I am a

I want to be a model in a safe non-nude environment open to children and family.

I want to work in kiosks to promote a vehicle or product for a sponsor. I will be asked to stand alongside holding a product or next to a car. I must be comfortable wearing revealing clothing, afterall, I am applying to be a race queen. I expect people to take photos of me and with me, afterall, I will look good. Experience is not necessary, I just need a good smile and that's all it takes. This is my chance to be a model in a safe non-nude environment open to children and family.